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     Everybody has faith (especially Legionnaires). Without faith, we'd never leave our homes in the morning, talk to strangers, form friendships (camaraderie), or enter into deep relationships.
     At its core, faith is believing that people or things will deliver on their promises, either spoken or implied.  Faith is essential to living.  The problem with our world is not that we lack faith.  The problem is our faith doesn't take us far enough.  We are content to put our faith in things and people that will someday fade away, which means that when the objects of our faith die, so does our faith.

     For faith to ultimately work and last, it must be placed in that which is beyond ourselves.  The question is, how do you do that.(WWJD? Bickel & Jantz 1997-parentheses are interjections)

       Comrades, my name is Rocky (Francis R) Rocks, a 68 year old Army Vietnam Veteran circa 1963-1964.  Having been elected Post Chaplain, I sincerely wish to convey the great pleasure and esteemed honor that is truly humbling.  I pray I may serve you diligently in Spirit and Truth, regardless of your persuasion.



                                             Rocky Rocks
                                             Post Chaplain                                             Jun 2013                     

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