Paradise Post 79




2022-2023 Post Officers

Paradise Post 79

Executive Committee meets 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

General Membership meets 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm (except- NO MEETINGS in July and August).

Commander                          Bradford Lee                     443-463-9858

1st Vice Commander            VACANT

2nd Vice Commander           Gil Nelmes                        301-461-3942

Adjutant                                Dennis LaFrenier              781-838-0759       

Finance Officer                    Jim Hamby                        317-508-9014                

Chaplain                               Bonnie Bradshaw              813-531-0176

Sgt-at-Arms                          Wayne Stanchina              727-378-7892

Historian                               Dennis LaFranier              781-838-0759

Judge Advocate                   Gil Nelmes                        301-461-3942

Service Officer                     Charles Bigley                  727-226-3241    

Pasco County Veterans Service Office                           727-834-3282        


3 Years                                  George Schaefer               631-764-7781

2 Years                                  Wayne Stanchina              727-378-7892

1 Year                                    Dean Hatcher                    727-858-1134    

Past Commander                   Lonny Hyde                       727-376-3948